duminică, 27 septembrie 2009

ehm. potential lector, aduna-te.

Apare o eroare in timpul postarii diverselor comentarii. Ei bine, ele tot apar. Daca tot nu apar si e ceva lifeand/or death related, mail me.
Signed sealed delivered, I'm , erm, whose?
:)) Revenind la "Oh mister crowley, what they've done to your head?" .

4 comentarii:

  1. A catchy glimpse...
    I was tempted to say:
    "You've got mail... "
    But: not yet.

  2. I'll be expecting the "you've got.. male " thingy. :)

  3. He will come. When you don't expect.

  4. Gata cu sinestezia, domnule? Where's the music thingy?


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