joi, 26 noiembrie 2009


End note:
I want you to keep me in mind just like this. Me, staring at you -You- staring" down on me/ Where I've always used to be."

From rape to right in, to real to live
should I lie down or stand up
And walk around again?

My eyes finally wide open up
My eyes finally wide open shut
to find the found of sound
That hears the touch of my tears.

Smells the taste of all we waste
Could feed the others
But we smother each other
With the nectar and pucker the sour

Of sugar sweet weather
blows through our trees
Swims through our seas
flies to the last gasp we left on this earth, oh ohh

It's a long lonely journey from death to birth
it's a long lonely journey from death to...
it's a long lonely journey from death to birth
oh, it's a long lonely journey from death to...birth

Should I die again?
Should I die around the pounds of matter wailing to space?
I know I'll never know until I come face to face
With my own cold, dead face
with my own wooden case
You are with me, with me, ooh, ohh, hmm
I'm mourning you ooh, ooh, ohh, hmm

sigh. Azi am fost unul din oamenii tristi din trenul de Costangeles de la 05. 47.
Trenul n-a avut intarziere, cum are de fel. A ajuns mai devreme. Dar degeaba. Indicii spatio-temporali nu mai au corzi vocale zilele astea.

Bye bye , Blackbird.

4 comentarii:

  1. Wow, you're big and black and mean and you scare me.

    Ti-a iesit hipnotica poza, congrats.

    Si sa n-aud c-am zis defapt "you're fat", it's all in your mind. Thankyousomuch.

  2. Am inteles ca observi ca-s inalta, cu 110 cm in chept si , pantaloni de chele si bocanci, ergo zee darkness. Atat. :))
    Why do I scare you, dude? Sounds like you wanna try to tame the shrew. :)
    I also love this picture of me. Oh,I also love that song.

  3. Peptu' se observa din a doua incercare, next time nu mai trage ditamai haina peste.

    And yeah, ppl say I'm a good tamer. Over & out.

  4. la ce frigu' dracu era pe malul marii, crede-ma ca fix sa se vaza cheptul era cazul.


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